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CH8 Dark Hero - No PHC Temps reported in UEFI

Level 12
Its great the Dark Hero did away with the little PCH fan. However, I'd still like to monitor the PCH temp. In fact, I have historically ran my case fans off PCH temp as it well represented the system temp (and nearby M2 temp).

Anyone know how to find PCH temps other than a therm probe?

Level 7
Download and run HWinfo64. It shows PCH temps.

Level 12
Thanks! I will use this to monitor.

I assume Asus shut off the monitor feature in the BIOS so folks wouldn't worry since they eliminated the fan. That's disappointing!
I like to run my case fans off the PCH temp as it has a wide operating range but isn't susceptible to rapid spikes and valleys like CPU/GPU.
Looks like I'm gonna need to mod the BIOS or run the thermal probe.