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CH7WIFI: HAMP Fan at 0% PWM after suspend-to-ram

Level 7

I've got my D5 water pump connected to the HAMP fan connector (PWM) on my CH7WIFI; I also got several fans connected to CHA2+CHA3 (PWM);
I've got custom curves set for all three connectors and they all seem to work just fine. Until I wake my computer from suspend to ram:
The CHA2+3-powered fans recover and do their thing, but the HAMP connector does not. I stops providing a PWM signal -- thank god my pump works w/o a PWM signal and instead goes to full speed. It clearly is 0% and not 100%, as my D5 does ~3600 RPM on 100% PWM while it does ~4500 RPM w/o PWM signal (and I can observe the latter).
As soon as I reboot, HAMP recovers and works fine, too. This is BIOS 2801 on CH7WIFI.

EDIT1: I just installed the Fan extension card; the fans connected there (trough the 5 pin connector) suffer the same fate: PWM at 0% after waking from sleep