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CH7H M.2 Slots using Ryzen 3000 chips ??

Level 7
The Ryzen 3000 Series chips have 4.0 PCIe enabled on them.
and I have seen reviews and posts showing that the M.2 that is connected
to the CPU are indeed enabled with the current bios's.

With 1000/2000 series chips, the CH7H M.2 slots are BOTH 3.0x4,
and when utilizing both of them the main PCIe 3.0x16 slot is reduced to
3.0x8..... most likely a GPU

My question is this.....
Using a Ryzen 3000 series chip.....
PCIe4.0x4 NVME drive in the M.2 that is used by the CPU
PCIe3.0x4 NVME drive in the M.2 that is used by the Chipset
RTX2070 in the first x16 slot

Is the PCIe slot for the GPU reduced?
If it is, what is it reduced too?
Would it still be reduced to PCIe 3.0x8 for the GPU?

IF Asus could somehow get the PCIe4.0 to work in the "GPU" slot as well as the M.2 to the CPU.
would it be possible to not have the use of the second M.2 reduce the "GPU" slot?
Or if it was to get PCIe 4.0 on the GPU slot, would it even be reduced at all??


Level 7
The M.2 slot has a dedicated PCIe 4x from the CPU and will not affect the GPU PCIe 16 slots.
If you do not use the second PCIe 16 slot which is wired 8x then your first slot will stay 16x
The third slot is PCIe 2 4x from the chipset and will not affect the GPU PCIe slots

I have a Radeon 5700 XT 50th Av in first X16 slot running at PCIe 4 X16 while my third x16 PCIe slot has an Intel 660p 2TB NVMe drive in an adaptor - works great. M.2 slot has a PCIe 3 4x SSD running good. I am tempted to get a PCIe 4 SSD.

Level 7
besodes that gen 4 x8 is still faster than gen3 x16

this is an interesting question. i ordered a second nvme ssd for testing that.
if i'm lucky it will be delivered tomorrow... or on saturday.
so i will test if using both m2 slots clocks down the first pcie x16 to x8 while using a ryzen 3000.
i will report latest saturday.

while using both m2 slots the first pcie x16 clocks doch to x8 on ryzen 3700x 😞