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CH7 Q-code 8, CPU Q-led is lit, can't enter BIOS

Level 8
Hello. These are my specs:

Mobo: Asus CH7, x470 (non-WiFi)
CPU: Ryzen 2700x (also tried 2600x)
PSU: Seasonic Focus+, 750w, gold
Memory: 2x8 GB G-Skill Trident Z (GTZRX version), 3200 MHz
GPU: R9 Fury

I'm getting the q-code 8 (simple 8, not 08), and the q-led for the CPU is lit red, whenever I want to start. Monitor shows no-signal (monitor works fine, tried different cables). This is what it looks like on the board:


Things I've tried so far, that got me same exact results: I used 2 different CPU's (a 2700x and a 2600x), used 2 different coolers (Wraith Prism and 212 Hyper Evo), used 1 or 2 sticks of RAM in their designated slots, took out the CMOS battery and put it back in after 5 minutes, pressed the Clear CMOS button, updated to the 0702 BIOS using the flashback port on the back.Also, same result with GPU or without.

EDIT: board was tested inside the case, and also outside, using the bare minimum cables (20+4 and the 8+4). RGB lights are working, fan were spinning.

Can anyone tell me what's the problem? Thank you.