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CH7: PPT and TDC sensors broken

Level 7

I've got bad temps with my 3900x when I run prime95 and aida64. It goes up to 95º and throttle. With today better ambient temp, it went down to 85-90º but I think it's still bad compared to other ppl who report temps around 75º with same CPU and cooler (noctua nhd15) on others motherboards.

When monitoring ryzen master or hwinfo64, I've observed that PPT always vary between 6-8% and TDC is stuck at 0%. Only EDC can reach 100%.

After asking on Reddit, I've learned that other ch7 users report same behavior even with older version of the bios when they were running 2700x... It also appears that other are reporting same kind of temps with this motherboard.

Can it be the reason we got such bad temps at load? What I understand is that CPU will keep sucking power until it reach max PPT value then throttle. But what happens when the sensors are broken?

For now it seems that it only rely on the max temp of 95º to start to throttle.
I think it can be very dangerous for the CPU and ch7 is an expensive, high end board, that would be a shame that because a new set of motherboards are now on the market, it is let on the side and do not receive the correct amount of support.

Thanks for your help

Level 7
Same behaviour on Crosshair VI Extreme. PPT stuck at 11% of 88w and cannot change PPT to a higher value. TDC also stuck at 0% all the time

Level 13
These figures would be reported by CPU SMU, so I don't think it's ASUS FW side issue.

When using Prime95 see this advice, link. I can't recall which particular AIDA64 stability test used to send CPU temperature wild on 2700X, I probably wouldn't use it on 3xxx.
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