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Can you check if my voltages are OK, please?

Level 8


Are these values OK or is there something I should manually adjust?
Ryzen 3950

32GB 3600MHz RAM

TUF Gaming x570
Default DOCP preset.




I start to believe maybe all is fine. 
Voltage drops a lot during CPU benchmarks. Temps are fine and PC is very stable.

Screenshot taken during Cinebench test. Core voltage well below 1.2v

Hmm, that seems pretty good now.. 👍

Is that a single or multicore test?

Btw, are you getting 4GHz all cores? If so, I wouldn't change anything and just leave as it is right now..

its normal at idle, if you put load on the system and its still at 1.4 or 1.5 then you have an issue, however i would guess with load and that voltage heat would be a big issue.

if this is at idle, do not worry about it at all

Level 8

I usually float at about 3.8Ghz and only occasionally get spikes to like 4.2GHz. Not sure how to read that and if that's fine or CPU degraded. 
I think I may be fine considering voltage and temps during heavy load. 

AMD recommends a water cooler for this CPU when I have air cooling. 


I suppose you are OK now..  1.5V was definitely not OK.

Based on what I've been reading about this CPU, it is no longer beyond the average when speaking of CPU core voltage. Clocks and temps are fine too..

But it's interesting that this CPU shows such high voltage in BIOS and on idle and it drops so low during load.

Just double checked the values in the last CB test and noticed that 1.488V remais high.. I would downclock to 4.05GHz all core, and downvolt it too...

But I'm not expert..

That's a tiny spike between new pictures. The voltage remains much lower during any load. Average is below 1.2v
From what I read this CPU acts like that. 
I'm also not an expert and can't be sure. 
The BIOS is close to stock and I only activated memory profile. I don't want to touch any overclocking or anything where I manually adjust anything. 
The base clock is 3.5GHz anyway.