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Can you check if my voltages are OK, please?

Level 8


Are these values OK or is there something I should manually adjust?
Ryzen 3950

32GB 3600MHz RAM

TUF Gaming x570
Default DOCP preset.




Level 10

CPU Core Voltage seems high to me.. I believe you don't need that much voltage for stability..

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong about this.

But based on my experience with these chips, I would say that something around 1.2V and 1.25V is OK.

I have trouble to lower the core voltage.
When I offset to -0.08 my PC crashes on boot. 



hm, so that is a no go..

1.5V is a lot.. I would risk to say that is decreasing your CPU lifespan much faster than usual..

Did you enable Core enhancement or something like that in BIOS?

I’ve loaded default configuration. Everything is stock. No PBO, no memory profile. Clean. 

Still high. 
But is it really? 



Hm.. Perhaps this link can help you: 

Some even low a little bit the clocks..

I'm really not sure what are the "recommended specs" for that CPU in particular, but indeed 1.5V seems pretty high to me..

Looks high to me as well but what else can I do?

I can’t lower the voltage even a little bit. Reverting to stock BIOS also doesn’t help. 

I can only wait and see if my CPU will die early 😞

According to , you could try a few settings such as:


I would start with 4.05GHz all core with 1.3V to see..

My system fails to boot at stock settings without PBO and reduced voltage to 1.35v. Base clock is 3.5Ghz.
I'm giving up. I will wait and see if it dies. If it does I will consider a different mobo next time. 

I've found this. 1.45v may actually be normal.

I understand.. Specially looking for the recent events with AM5 and how Asus managed the crisis..

I got luck with my mobo and CPU..

I have a 5800x3d with a ROG B550-F and 4x8GB 3200MHz BIOS 3002..

I 'm running PBO2 negative curve -30mV all cores pretty stable. My CPU Core during heavy workload doesn't pass 1.25V

PBO and multicore enhancement disabled.