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C8H BIOS 3402, 3900X, G.Skill 3600 - Idle Reboots (Error 41)

Level 7
I recently took the plunge and updated my BIOS in order to take advantage of resizeable BAR. I had been on 1302 for a very long time because the last time I tried to upgrade I experienced random idle reboots with Error 41 reported in Windows. I did a whole lot of research on the topic to educate myself on how to hopefully resolve this issue.

After a successful BIOS update, it booted fine with stock settings @ 2133 MHz. Next, I enabled DOCP set to the XMP memory profile of 3600 MHz. With that, I was getting random reboots shortly after booting into Windows. I expected that based on my past experience and knew about needing to tweak the CPU SOC voltage. With automatic settings, CPU SOC was at 1.08V. After tweaking with it a bit and experiencing a few more reboots I settled on 1.05V and it was SIGNIFICANTLY more stable. However, I'm still experiencing an idle reboot every few days but only when the machine is idle. I tried to increase memory voltage from 1.35 to 1.375 but I'm still getting idle reboots. I've read more online about other settings under Extreme Tweaker near the CPU SOC like VDDP, CCD, IOD as well as upping the memory voltage a bit more. I wanted to ask in this forum what would be the best course of action to try to resolve this? What settings should I try to tweak and in what order? What is the best way to control for variables so I know which setting is causing the instability? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Crosshair 8 Hero - BIOS 3402
AMD 3900X (Purchased on Launch Day)
G.Skill 3600 C16 B-Die (F4-3600C16D-32GTZR)


Level 9
For me it was PBO Fmax. Disable it. My 3900x is now stable. Same CPU/Board/Memory speed

Level 7

I have exacly the same issue, with the same CPU motherboard, and memory (cl14 instead of cl16).

The randoms reboots only happens when the system is idle or under low load, and happen once every 2 o 3 days.

I have tested my memory with hci memtest pro (400% without error), so it should not be the problem. Also, I did not have reboots with this memory and an older bios (I dont remember wich one.) This must be an issue with the current bios.

I don´t want to fiddle around with voltages but I suppose I will have to.

Sorry about my English.