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C7H: Sound suddenly disappears when starting game / interference noise

Level 8
Hey guys

I have an issue with my C7H, issue present with both 0604 and 0804 BIOS.

I originally transferred my Win 10 Pro installation from my i7 2600K without issues. At one point the installation got corrupted, so I reinstalled Windows anew. No hardware was changed, the only change was that my main SSD was set up as GPT instead of MBR.

When my PC has been running for a bit amd the monitors wemt to sleep at least once the sound works fine, when I start a game I get a weird noise as if playback is stopping, but the sound still plays, kind of like "Eeeheeheeheeh". Afterwards there is no sound anymore amd I need to restart my computer.

Second manifestation of the issue is when I play music in Firefox, the same screeching/interference sound is heard for 2 seconds when the monitors go to sleep, but resumes again. It weirdly does not happen with Chrome.

I have reapplied BIOS, reset BIOS, changed to the newer version, de- and reinstalled sound and GPU drivers, but nothing fixes it. It has been present ever since I reinstalled Windows, which is super weird.

Any help/suggestions/solutions if it is a known issue appreciated!