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C6H won't update - stuck on 1701

Level 7
Just like the title says I can't update to any version above 1701 that it's on. Any clues as to why?

Level 7
Saying stuck on 1701 doesn't mean much. Need more information. Like are you getting errors. How are you trying to up date the Bios.
I have to ask. Is your MB a Crosshair VI Hero or a Crosshair VI Hero (WI-FI) ? If it is the WI-FI, you need to name the Bios file, C6HWIFI.CAP

Long story short I haven't updated my bios since September 2017. It is the C6H but I DID add a wireless/BT chip later on(not sure if that changes things). I've been trying to load the newest bios since I'm getting ready to OC and it just sits on the " this file?" Screen when selected. 1701 is just the current bios. Apologies for not being more clear.

Level 9
Recommend you perform the bios update using the flashback procedure which requires you to name the file something specific and place it on the root of the USB stick. Google around for instructions.

I had exactly the same problem on the same motherboard. This issue was, neither of us had read the manual (RTFM) and followed the correct process. Format a thumb drive fat32 and use BIOS renamer to correctly rename the file then put file on thumb drive (if not already) and put it into the BIOS USB slot on the back panel. Turn off PC, press and hold the BIOS button (also on back panel) until it has flashed 3 times then leave it until the light goes completely out. Do not disturb it until light has stopped flashing. When it has and you turn PC back on, it will be updated to whatever version you put on the thumb drive. :cool: