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Bought 2nd Asus x570 CH 8 formula... leaking from motherboard's wb...not happy atm.

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Level 7

an hour ago


I working on a build for my niece's husband.  He's never had a computer.  To cut to the chase the Asus CH8 formula board was leaking water out by the bottom left screw area.  Either there is no rubber seal or it's not installed correctly from the manufacturer near the bottom left 1/4" thread port.  The water flowed onto the cover shroud and out the bottom left of the motherboard.  I had an 5800x3d and 7900xt vid card.  I'm sending back the motherboard back to Amazon for a refund.  Does anyone know if (and it is Asus' fault on this) they'll replace the cpu, ram, and gpu if they are damaged due to electrical shorting of the board?  Before the motherboard's water block leaked I was able to upgrade the bios, reboot and the left led indicator on the board went as for as CMOS code error and then the water was coming out from under the shroud.  There were no visible leaks from any of the 1/4" ports.  So, I took the back plate off the motherboard and unscrewed the plastic front cover.  Took the front cover off.  There was a little water down the left side of the motherboard pcb and looking at the backside of the cover there was water in it.  I don't think that there was damage on the motherboard.  But I'm not an expert.  So, I'm doing a return / refund for the board via Amazon.   I'm still within the 30 day limit for a free refund/return do to the defect.  My next purchase will be the Asus x570 CH8 dark hero for his build.


1. Doesn't Asus test the waterblocks before packaging?

2. Does anyone know since this is a severe manufacturing defect with the waterblock, will Asus replace the other components if they got damaged due to the water leak (electrical shortage)?


Level 7

Oops forgot some pics 🙂Asus x570 Formula leak.JPGLeak Pic#2.JPGLeak Pic#3.JPG


I'm not too upset with this.  I just wish that Asus would respond and start looking at the build quality coming out of the factories.  Atleast test the waterblocks before shipping...something.  I know that this is an EK block built onto this board.  They need to address this with EKWB.  I had to rip out the gpu(7900xt ultra fast).  Unfortunately, I couldn't do that with the 5800x3d.  I checked the cpu.  There were no marks on it.  The led menu on the side of the board stated before I did the emergency shutdown was CMOS error.  The other thing was that the ssd drive was in an error state also, but it wasn't formatted yet.  That's when I noticed a lot of water in the bottom of the Cosmos 2 case ...that's were I put the ssd drive.  I'm glad that the psu wasn't on the very bottom sitting in the case.  There's a raised platform that the psu sits on.  The Cosmos 2 case tray above the 'basement' of the case had water in it as well as water on the floor.  I guess the next time that if I ever get another 'formula' type board from Asus, I'll need to do a separate water test without anything loaded on the board...just to make sure of 'no' leaks from their product.

Asus, please make this right for the next peeps who buy a 'formula' type board from you.  This is not acceptable when dealing with electricity.  I've built and rebuilt water builds for a long time.  My current rig has the Asus x570 formula in it with no problems...runs like a champ.  This one I'm currently building ... not so much.  I'll be switching over to the x570 dark hero.  I'll have to test the 5800x3d and 7900xt ultra in my personal rig to figure out if there was any damage done by the Asus x570 formula board for my niece's husband.