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BIOS 4007 and 4101 Beta - Strange Behaviour on Crosshair VII Hero Wifi

Level 7
Hi There,

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this behaviour with the most recent BIOSES for the Crosshair VII Hero Wifi.

My current set-up is a 3900x and my current stable BIOS release is 3103. If I flash to 4007 and then let the system reboot, I get what immediately seems to be a stable platform.

In particular on this Reddit - I see reduced heat spikes as mentioned by a 3600 user as quoted below:

"I’m running the r5 3600 and decided to update to 4007 from 3103 (unstable with occasional bsod). So far it’s been pretty good and I no longer get cpu temp spikes with the ryzen power plans like I did with 3103. Mt in cinebench r23 went up by 100 and max temp didn’t change."

So things look great. I can do various synthetic benchmarks and run games without any issues whatsoever.

The problem I am experiencing is once I shut down for the night and turn the power off to the computer, when I come back the following and attempt to start the computer, I get an immediate hang at post, the video card displays the model details and then no BIOS screen. I have to press the power button to shut down. On restart, I can sometimes get the machine to post. When in windows, I start to see failing USB errors on devices that work perfectly well on 3103 BIOS.

On BIOS flashback to 3103, all the problems disappear.

I did think it was a problem with my XMP profile so I resorted to default settings and the issue still exists.

So what's the deal here, is the 4007 BIOS actually only for Zen 3 or is there an expectation all Zen versions can use the BIOS?