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BIOS 3204 for Crosshair VIII Hero

Level 10
"Version 3204
2021/01/29 20.41 MBytes
1. Update AMD AM4 AGESA V2 PI

Before running the USB BIOS Flashback tool, please rename the BIOS file (C8H.CAP) using BIOSRenamer."

Anyone know if this latest BIOS Asus posted at:

Is Beta or Final (I've been bitten by un-labeled Beta BIOSes before)? Any experiences with it?

For anyone who has lost some single core performance after updating to the latest bios, I have found a workaround that has worked great for me. I am now boosting to ~5Ghz once again in single core benchmarks / execution. The key is going to advanced / AMD overclocking / Precision boost overdrive / curve optimizer. In curve optimizer choose the per core option and only work on your two best cores of CCD 0 (they are usually the same cores that Ryzen Master will flag as the preferred cores for Windows). For me setting a negative offset for Core 0 and Core 2 in the curve optimizer was key. I actually found that although Core 0 was flagged as the best overclocking core my best overclocking core was actually Core 2. My settings were Core 0 - 10 and Core 2 - 14 both negative, your settings may be different as I am also running the CPU per core ratio (per CCX) overclock which will set a static all core overclock with dynamic OC switcher (mine set at 70 amps) for single core boost and I'm also running a negative Vcore offset. The important take away is the higher you set the negative per core offset in the curve optimizer the higher your best cores will boost, of course if you push them to hard you will get random reboots or random reboot with CPU overheating error (even though you haven't gone over 70C). With my settings I have an all core static overclock of 4.65Ghz (working on 4.7Ghz now) and I also now have PBO boost clocks of Core 0 4.975Ghz and Core 2 of 5.025Ghz, which with my other overclocks (static all core and RAM) is as far as I can push the PBO boost. I'm getting ~650 single core score in Cinebench R20, ~700 single core in CPUZ, ~3700 in Passmark single core.

It takes a long time to find the correct overclock settings for a particular processor, but the end results are definitely worth the tweaking efforts.

Two days ago, I updated my BIOS to version 3204. So far, no problems at all. I'll wait until the end of the month and, if it's still OK, I'll update my spousal unit's computer as well.

been using 3204 since 29.01. It has worked perfectly for me.