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PWM issues

Hey all, I'm trying to wrap my head around as to what I'm doing wrong here. I've upgraded my 4 PWM Corsair fans recently to the Corsair LL series. They're connected to the node pro hub for the led/light effects and from there their 4 pwm pins go to t...

stocis by Level 7
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Is there a Crosshair VIII extreme planned?

HelloIm wondering if anyone knows or heard any rumors about a Crosshair viii Extreme? Because the new Ryzen Processors are very powerful and Asus always released extreme boards for powerful processors. At least for Intel. The Dark hero is not bad but...

AMD Smart Access Bios Option ?

In todays 25 minute presentation of RDNA 2, AMD said there will be a bios option on 500 series motherboards to enable "AMD Smart Memory Access" between the new 6000 series GPU's and 5000 series CPU's, Considering how close both of these are to releas...

New z570-i w/bios 2407 - How to upgrade for Zen 3?

I just ordered a new x570-i and it arrived and it does not have the 2606 or later BIOS necessary for Zen 3 cpu.I do not own any other AMD cpus, and this motherboard (unlike some other Asus x570s) does not have the feature where you can upgrade BIOS w...

tarbro by Level 7
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