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Crosshair VIII Formula AMD Chipset Drivers--Discrepancy

If you download the new AMD chipset drivers, which include: AMD Ryzen Power Plan, AMD GPIO Driver, AMD SMBus Driver, AMD CPI Device Driver and AMD PSP Driver, you may have noticed there is a discrepancy between versions Asus versus AMD itself offer-...

C8F / BIOS 3204 - IF Stability Issues

I'm unfortunately still getting some WHEA errors and reboots on the latest BIOS, but only while gaming (specifically FF14) and it takes anywhere between 30-90 minutes. Every other benchmark, stress test, RAM test, etc. in and out of Windows complete...

AGESA issues

I am running an X570 I-Gaming which I have put in the AGESA (BIOS version 3402).Overall whilst things seem more stable in respect to things like USB and WHEA and NVME related issues, there are however still some strange oddities I have experi...

ASUS ROG STRIX B550-I GAMING - Sound Settings?

Hello there, i have updated to the latest Bios.Does this mobo have a sound only program from asus? Where is sonic studio III?where do i find the latest version?I dont wanna install Armoury Crate..sorry buts its crap.

Rog Strix B550-A bios bug v1805

Ive found that this version of BIOS broke the USB-C port of the board completely. I have to rollback to the previous firmware to make it work again.

xox1de by Level 7
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X570-E issues with microphone

Hi all, I own x570-E along with amd ryzen 5900x, i have a problem with my headset and microphone specifically, I've got Logitech g233 and when i test my microphone the voice sounds very muddy and it is very silent for some reason, I think there could...

Still getting random reboots/Event 41's with 3202...

Not sure what the answer is... GSkill 3600 C16 4x16, running DCOP, otherwise pretty much auto everything, DF Cstates Disabled. Voltage adjustments needed maybe? Doesn't happen often, but when it does it seem to always be the wrong time. Twice in p...

78Staff by Level 7
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