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Q code 0D very intermittant

Weirdly got this issue, say 1 in 10 boots fails with this code (or another pertaining to RAM, forget the number). If I get the code I simply push reset and it boots fine the next time.I am running G skill 3600 RAM (128GB - 32GBx4)Asus Strix x570 E ga...

Ryzen 9 3900x Asus Strix X570-E 4.3Ghz All core

finally I finished building a gaming PC with Ryzen 9 3900x. after previously I was in doubt with the Asus Strix x570-e seeing many problems in several forums.because i need many sata ports and i have to choose x570 from asus. but in the end I am happ...

Can't overclock my Ram above 3000mhz

Hi guys, so i bought a new pc and can't go above 3000mhz with the Profile 2 While Profile 1 with 3600mhz rebooting my pc and goes back to the biosMy specsTuf Gaming b550-plus (updated bios to the latest version 1401)CPU AMD 3600XTMemory:Kingston Hype...

b550-i 1801 bios file issue

The new 1801 bios doesn't workWhen I try to upgrade, it says the file is not a UEFI bios. I tried with the renamer and without it. Same issue.Located here

Weird soft buzz noise when games played

Only notice this periodically when play GTA, The long Dark. Ryzen 3900x 12 core, 128GB 3600 RAM, M.2 Samsung 970 Evo plus, GPU is a 1070 nividia 8GB. What could this be? It's not consistent. I tried recording a bank robbery in GTA on Geforce Experie...

Asus Crosshair VIII 3101 Beta Bios out !

[ASUS] X570 Beta BIOS Update (12/25/2020).1. Improved System Compatibility2. Update AMD AGESA ComboAM4 V2 PI Update Graphical Firmware4. Improve RAID Function5. Improve System Performance(nonWifi)

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