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Samsung 960 EVO and PRO M.2 not recognized in bios

Hi all,Is there anyone who can help me with the following? I've recently bought the Crosshair VI Hero motherboard and a Ryzen r7 1800x. The system is functioning fine except for the M.2 SSD slot. I've tried two different Samsung drives, a 960 EVO (50...

gj2211 by Level 7
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X570 Formula Hurt

My heart is broken after finding out the 'top of the line' CrossHair Formula wont get the OC Switcher that the DARK Hero has.Guess its going back for a return.

NorySS by Level 7
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Crosshair VII Hero PCIe bifurcation gone?

Hi all.Just updated BIOS to 4007 and installed a 5800X but PCIe bifurcation settings have disappeared from the BIOS,Before the update I was happily running a Hyper M.2x16 V2 with 3 nvme drives on board but now I can only access 1 of the drives.I hope...

JeffB63 by Level 7
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Q-Code 9E and WHEA-Logger Event 19s?

What is Q-Code "9E"?I noticed that when I set TPM in the BIOS to Firmware and generate new Secure Boot keys in the BIOS, my system always loads up Windows 10 with a Q-Code of: 9EIf I turn off TPM by setting the dropdown to Discrete, my system always ...

dzo888 by Level 8
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Q Code 40 x570 e gaming

Sometimes I get AA, most of the time I get 40. I realise it may not be an issue, but the OCD in me get's annoyed as to why. I don't use sleep, etc, so why is it saying 40 is awoke from sleep. It is unplugged at the wall when I am done and turned on t...