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Have to clear CMOS to start the computer

Hello everyone,I just finished building my PC and am having a random problem with it. There are times (but not all the time) that I have to press the CLEAR CMOS button in order to start the PC. Indeed, otherwise nothing happens when I press the start...

Dark Hero availability in Canada

Does anyone have an inkling of when the Asus ROG Dark Hero mobo might be back in stock in Canada (or even USA)? I've been waiting a couple months now for this to come back in stock so that I can finish my build but I can't seem to find it anywhere (e...

Cpu over temperature error

I just finished my 5950x build with a ASUS Dark Hero motherboard, H115i Elite capellix AIO and Thermal Grizzly paste. I am not overclocking anything in bios (load optimized defaults). My Windows idle temperature are 39-45C and they are the same in bi...