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ROG STRIX B550-i - EzUpdate bios killed system

Morning guys,This morning the EZUpdater in the systray notified me I had a bios update available. I followed the prompts and it said it was installed and would I like to restart? Clicked ok and it rebooted to the red LED of death on the MB. Fans goin...

C7H NVMe slot. Which one?

Does it matter which slot I use? Wasn't sure if one shares bandwidth with the #1 PCIe lanes or something.Thanks.

Thick8 by Level 7
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At my wits' end with the Crosshair VIII Hero WIFI

I've had this board for 6 months and I'm tired of fighting with it. When I put my PC to sleep (Win 10) it will completely shutdown and I need to cycle the PSU. I have swapped out every component except the CPU and M.2 drive. No other major issues bes...

jesrog by Level 7
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C7H BIOS update without a CPU?

I want to put a 5800x into a board I bought. It doesn't have the 5800x compatible BIOS right now. My water cooling system is pretty extensive so I need to flash it on air cooling and I don't have a suitable GPU for it. I do have a 6800GT but no Win 1...

Thick8 by Level 7
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b550-f bios questions

so a few days ago it looked like the b550f non wifi had the out .. why was it pulled from the site? anyone know?

Rog strix b550-f wifi bios mouse lag

Hello any help with this?I reset cmos i tried other usb port usb2 and 3 same lag. Mouse can't be used. If i change dpi on mouse button to low is moving a bit faster but still unusable. I have last bios. Scroll on mouse work ok. I removed the keyboard...

Goreeee by Level 7
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TUF GAMING B550-PLUS USB C 3.2 problem

Got hp reverb g2 vr headset and the cable for it is USB-C and the motherboard has a USB-C but does not work with the ubs-c port i have a USB-C® to A adapterthat came with the headset and using the port above which is 3.2 as well works but now ive lo...

x570 Dark Hero and 64GB of RAM issues

Hey I recently upgrade from 32GB of RAM (G.Skill F4-3200C14D-32GVK) to 64GB of the same kit, 4x16GB. CPU is a 5950x. Bios is the newest 3601. GPU 3090RTX, PSU is a Corsair ax1200i.Now the issue I'm having is, as soon as I run anything 3D rel...

WoW Error 132 5900x

Hi everyone.I'm new to this forum, and I'm sorry if I posted in the wrong section.After reading that AMD had finally surpassed Intel, I took a leap of faith and tried it out. But so far, I haven't had the most pleasant experience.Long story short - I...

ZlaDiuM by Level 7
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