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X570-E issues with microphone

Hi all, I own x570-E along with amd ryzen 5900x, i have a problem with my headset and microphone specifically, I've got Logitech g233 and when i test my microphone the voice sounds very muddy and it is very silent for some reason, I think there could...

Still getting random reboots/Event 41's with 3202...

Not sure what the answer is... GSkill 3600 C16 4x16, running DCOP, otherwise pretty much auto everything, DF Cstates Disabled. Voltage adjustments needed maybe? Doesn't happen often, but when it does it seem to always be the wrong time. Twice in p...

78Staff by Level 7
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Dark Hero availability

Any clues when someone other than scalpers will have the ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero in stock? The wait is driving me crazy.I'm hoping that it's just that I've heard that international shipping to the USA is all clogged up by Christmas traffic.

coyote2 by Level 7
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Why is this forum so buggy?

I don't have a PM but it also shows up there is one private message, when I click it, nothing there been this way for 2 weeks now. (I messaged another user and wonder if they have replied but I cannot see it. Nothing in inbox that's new, everything i...

X570-i with RTX 3XXX : PCIe issue, BIOS

Hello,Yesterday I finally received my GPU, a rtx 3090 rog strix oc. After 1 hour of fighting to install the drivers (I was getting the message "Force to reinstall graphics driver" every 5 seconds with screen going off and on) I found that I had to pu...