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x570 E gaming Hard discs reverting to turning off

I am running the Asus suite, which I like because I use fan xpert 4 to keep the fans silent unless gaming etc with custom curves. The problem, is that everytime I change the advanced power options the damn thing seemingly keeps changing i tback to tu...

X570 dark hero DOS oc SAM Issue

Hi everyone, It's a few days that I've been looking to solve an issue with my system.I was looking in the interweb to find a solution or anyone that has/had my same issue but with not much luck.In a few word I'm going to describe my problem. My syste...

loris by Level 7
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Dark Hero weird pbo(?) behavior

I upgraded from a x370 Taichi where my 3950x used to be able to get 9300 in CB at a 65-70C temp range with an EDC usually maxing out at around 180A.My current problem is this board makes it max out at 200A EDC with temps of 80C~, but the performance ...

Can 5700G run TB4 on Asus ProArt B550-CREATOR?

Hei ROGI'm in process of finding parts for a 5700G build and I have narrowed down the motherboard to Asus ProArt B550-CREATOR. It seams to be a great motherboard, specially with those Thunderbolt 4 ports. But both the MB and APU are relatively new...

ProArt B550 CREATOR shut's down randomly

Hello ,I have a strange issue with my pc . I have the ProArt B550 CREATOR with Ryzen 7 5800X with Noctua NH-U12A cooler, Radeon 5700XT ,64Gb ram ,1000w PSU.Randomly the pc shuts down (no bsod, no memory dump), and it's not a PSU issue . I tried with ...

CIURI by Level 7
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2700x + CH7WIFI Bios Updates Problems

hello all, i was wondering if anyone with a 2700x and a CH7WIFI have been with problems since bios update 4XXXXive been having a lot of instability issues when i had like perfect clocks, now i cant even run burn tests, i switched recently my thermal ...

Does new 3801 BIOS exist?

Hello I downloaded BIOS version 3801 released on 12/8/21.Does anyone have any comments aboutt this bios version?I don't want to load it and run into problems, my eyes are very bad i cant see properly, i've checked every day and there has been no anno...

Crosshair VIII Hero FLCK Bootup shutdown issue.

Hi, so long story short. I partially figured out an issue causing my computer to randomly shutdown during bootup (never occurred once the computer loaded into windows). This issue was caused by the FLCK being at half 3733 Mhz matching my ram speed (t...