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X570 and Apple Products Issue

So I got myself an iPhone, Set it all up and then went to put some music I have onto it through iTunes, But it didn't show up, Tried a different lightning cable, Nothing, The phone registers as being connected in Windows itself but doesn't show up...

5900x + Dark Hero : Need advices for proper OC

Hi,I am about to get a Dark Hero board with a 5900x and coming from years with Intel i'm kinda lost about how I should Oc it. I've checked CTR and it seems like a great tool to start with, no?I saw a very detailed tutorial for version 2.0 :Update RC5...

Asryan by Level 10
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BIOS 3604 for Asus ROG Strix X570-F?

Hi, I currently have version 3801 (beta) installed two weeks ago, and before I had version 3603. But now you have released a new version 3604, and 3801 has a new date of 28.04.2021. Should I install version 3604? Reinstall 3801?Thanks.

Asus x570-F sound issues

Hi there, when i install Realtek audio driver from Armory crate version 6.0.8899.1 my sound start to crack and interrupt when i change a song on youtube or change between my headset and speakers!

PBO Guidance

MoboAsus Tuf gaming 570x-pro (wifi)CPU Zen 3 5600x cooled with an galahad 360 aioGPU RX 6800 Asus TufRam GSkill TridentZ neo 3600 F4-3600c16d-16gtznc 32gbsStorage 2X NVMe WD 850 1TB eachCase Phanteks P500A Rear fan and three front fans.PSU Seasonice ...

AMD AGESA is a mess. Please allow us to flash back.

I have a X470-i with 5900X, it worked fine, never crashed once on me during a lot of stress testing using 4007 (AGESA I was actually shocked at how stable it was. I then updated to 4204 (AGESA, nothing but problems since. Mainly, i...

yennic by Level 8
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TUF B550m PLUS LLC controls

I found the FAQ on the Digi+ VRM and that was very informative but it didn't cover much at all about the LLC. In particular, what does progressing from level 1 through 5 change; it's not even clear to me whether level 1 is 'more' or level 5 is 'mor...

BuddyW by Level 7
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TUF X570 plus

Dear friends of the Asus family.I'm new to the forum and I don't know if I asked a question in a good topic.If he doesn’t need to be here please delete it or post it in the proper topic.I bought an ASUS TUF X570 PLUS MOTHERBOARD.There is a new AMD Ry...