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Crosshair Hero VIII Will not turn on

Hi all today when I got up I went to turn on my PC and it would not turn on. I have checked the ram the seating of the graphics card. Tryed the power button on the motherboard. But did not turn on. BUT if I press the safe boot button a few times it w...

B550-F Audio Crackling

Hello, I have a new B550-F paired with a 5600X. The issue I have is that sometime the audio pops or cracks, especially with Windows sound. This is very noticeable when using Windows's slider to adjust volume when the classic sound is playing. I can e...

Asus ROG Strix x570-E random reboots when idle.

Currently have a Gigabyte RTX 3080 Ti Master with BIOS dated Jun 2, 2021. Motherboard is Asus ROG Strix x570-E Gaming with BIOS 4021 dated Sept 9, 2021. Machine "randomly" reboots for not obvious reason. Have new Corsair 850W power sup...

Asus B450-F Mobo Networking Issue

Hi I'm having an issue with my networking on my Asus B450-F Strix Gaming mobo. I usually try to fix things myself but this time I'm a bit stumped.My specs:Ryzen 5 3600Asus B450-F Gaming16GB Gskill Trident Z Neo 3600mhzUsing onboard audio and ethernet...

b550m tuf gaming ram training problems

I hva a b550m gaming plus, 5600x, and a 4000mhz cl18 SR b die memory, a low bin one.No matter what frecuency i put 3000 to 4000 it will not but if i put trfc lower than 540 and if i put on auto i will say 312 on bios but 666 (yes) on windows.I try my...

Firmware 3801 on Crosshair VIII Hero WF

Just loaded firmware 3801No SATA drives inc DVD drive , not listed in system ,device manager External USB item all working Okany one having same problem any fix apart from reloading older firmware