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B550-I Bios Beta Release problem ?

Hello there,I don't understand the B550-I Gaming bios releasesOn the B550-F we currently see releases of Bios 2003 and 2006 both in stable version.And on the B550-I we see 2003 and 2007 both in beta.Is there a problem in the classification of your bi...

Tounet by Level 7
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Cpu fan error rog f strix 570f gaming

hello, I have a watercooling non ASUS (KRAKEN Z73) and I have to disable the FAN CPU since it is water cooling, I have deactivated but an error is still present when starting the bios ( last 3603) FAN ERROR CPU how can I fix it? Thanks to you!!!

fl0645 by Level 7
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B550 BIOS question(s)

I am trying to learn about all of the BIOS entries as I get familiar with my new systems. I have one with a B550-I and another with a B550-F (wi fi). Under the "Advanced" section of the BIOS is a sub section title "DF Common Options." What does DF...

Amd bios

Hi all,I am confused about the numbering in the memory configuration in BIOS.I have Dark Hero mobo. In the DRAM configuration section in Advanced/AMD Overclock, the numbers for DRAM parameters are in hex.However, in Extreme Tweaker, the correspondin...

Crosshair VIII Dark Hero chipset repaste

Dear forum,I've got a Dark Hero coming in soon. With the big passive chipset cooler, would you recommend removing the thermal pad and applying some quality thermal paste instead?I've been doing that in the past with the actively cooled mainboards (AO...

panni by Level 7
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boot device issue (TuF B550m Plus Wifi)

Hi all,i am facing boot device issues with the TuF B550m Plus Wifi. The Board won't recognize attached drives on first boot once a Nvme drive is connected and will go straight into bios. Powering down and starting the PC again won't make any differen...