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Can't get Offset working as desired

Hello,For a few weeks now I'm an owner of the ROG STRIX X470-F with a R5 2600X. I realized the amount of voltage that is used for the CPU being too high. I tried some BIOS settings to reduce that. My goal would be to have this managed by negative o...

X570 dark hero DOS oc SAM Issue

Hi everyone, It's a few days that I've been looking to solve an issue with my system.I was looking in the interweb to find a solution or anyone that has/had my same issue but with not much luck.In a few word I'm going to describe my problem. My syste...

loris by Level 7
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Dark Hero weird pbo(?) behavior

I upgraded from a x370 Taichi where my 3950x used to be able to get 9300 in CB at a 65-70C temp range with an EDC usually maxing out at around 180A.My current problem is this board makes it max out at 200A EDC with temps of 80C~, but the performance ...

Can 5700G run TB4 on Asus ProArt B550-CREATOR?

Hei ROGI'm in process of finding parts for a 5700G build and I have narrowed down the motherboard to Asus ProArt B550-CREATOR. It seams to be a great motherboard, specially with those Thunderbolt 4 ports. But both the MB and APU are relatively new...

ProArt B550 CREATOR shut's down randomly

Hello ,I have a strange issue with my pc . I have the ProArt B550 CREATOR with Ryzen 7 5800X with Noctua NH-U12A cooler, Radeon 5700XT ,64Gb ram ,1000w PSU.Randomly the pc shuts down (no bsod, no memory dump), and it's not a PSU issue . I tried with ...

CIURI by Level 7
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2700x + CH7WIFI Bios Updates Problems

hello all, i was wondering if anyone with a 2700x and a CH7WIFI have been with problems since bios update 4XXXXive been having a lot of instability issues when i had like perfect clocks, now i cant even run burn tests, i switched recently my thermal ...