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X570 Crosshair VIII Hero won't post to bios!

Have an x570 Crosshair Hero VIII wifi motherboard, was working fine but suddenly doesn't post to bios at all. Using 5700xt gpu and Ryzen 3900x cpu. Please help, this is the second board I've had this sort of issue with. I tried reseating all componen...

X570 Crosshair VIII Hero WiFi Boot error loop

Hey all, I am stuck in a loop between two errors when trying to boot.1. VGA card is not supported by UEFI Driver.2. When RAID config was built, ensure to set SATA Config to RAID modeMy specs are as follows: X570 Crosshair VIII Hero WiFi (v3801)5900X...

EZupdate will not install with AI suite

have tried installing EZupdate as part of AI suite and also standalone after downloading latest AI suite from ASUS download site but cannot get EZupdate to install, can anybody tell me how to get it to install after downloading version 3.01.10 TIA

dave798 by Level 9
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New build LED problem

Hi all,Just finished a rebuild of my system using a Corsair 5000x along with a Crosshair VIII Hero 570 and Strix LC240 RGB, I added a SP120 RGB Elite to the rear.Problem is I can't get LED to work on the LC240 fans, I have the 4 case fans plugged int...

eyghon by Level 8
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Unable to access UEFI BIOS settings

So I boot up my system, it hangs on the ROG splash screen (the one that prompts the user to press F2 or DEL to enter the BIOS settings) for almost 2 minutes before starting to load windows. During all that time, even if I do press F2 or DEL, the syst...

nihsel by Level 7
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fTPM vs TPM 2.0 questions

I have a C7H MB. The BIOS has fTPM listed but I don't see TPM 2.0 listed anywhere. Does that mean my machine is not Win11 capable? I have a 2Gb platter drive that I image my 2Gb NVMe to from time to time. Would I still be able to do this with TPM en...

Thick8 by Level 7
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Installed Win10 doesnt show up on boot menu

As the title says, i recently built a new custom PC with rog strix x570-E, AMD 5950x, RTX3080 etc. Installed windows 10 properly, everything went fine. I installed all drivers and the software I need. After all this new installed stuff i restarted co...