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Easiest way to OC Dark Hero

Hello!I have an Asus Dark Hero VIII with 64GB of memory and a couple of GEN4 NVMe's in it. Ryzen 5950x processor. I did a clean install of Windows 11. It runs great, but I was told I can go into the BIOS and select a very modest OC scenario. Previous...

opentoe by Level 7
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my pc fans start like a jet on boot up

Mobo : b450 asus rog er5 3600psu whisperm 850wthe aio cooler is xpg levnate 240so as i've uploaded here : pc fans start hella loud and annoying for 30 seconds then it turns to its normal speed then the pc is booted upw...

Intel I211 Driver Updates?

I just changed over to Windows 11 on this ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Hero. According to the manual, it uses an Intel I211-AT Ethernet chip (which is what I'm connected to). According to the Intel Driver & Support Assistant:Intel® I211 Gigabit Network ...

M.2 Installation: I'm Scratching My Head

I've got an X570 Crosshair VIII Hero. I just switched my M.2 drive in the first M.2 slot (under the video card) and I ran into the same issue that confused me when I first put the system together. In that slot, the Asus-provided heatsink/cover scre...

X570-E Display No Showing

This has been an issue for a long time but short version is the display perm shows OC and nothing can get it to revert. It used to shows temps but not anymoreI checked on this maybe 8 months back and people were mentioning that it is caused by insta...

ASUS B550-E fails cold boot when DOCP enabled

Hello,I'd like to report a problem I'm encountering since I added 16 GB more to my build. Currently I have 4x8 GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 3200 MHz RAM (model CMT16GX4M2E3200C16).When the system starts from a cold boot, for example after a ...

fl4co by Level 7
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When i switch off power on psu i have to reenable xmp profiles and all settings again with latest bios! why? this bios needs to be checked and an updated version needs to be available. Im using gskill dd4 trident

azusrog by Level 7
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