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Asus Rog Strix X470 F-Gaming USB C audio output.

Hey guys, I recently bought a USB C adapter and it has 2x3.5mm jacks, both work as either P2/P3 ports. I want to use it with my heaphone, since my frontal heaphone panel on my case is kinda broken and I don't want to swap between headphones and speak...

post code 8

Hello,I built my first computer and have a problem.I made a OC to my memory for 3200 speed (this is the manufacturer's speed)And every time I turn on the computer or it takes about a minute to turn on or that code jumps (8)thus is my setup:

DavidFpv by Level 7
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CPU led lights on, no beep, no post on B450E

Hello everyone!Recently, I got a weird error from my PC. I have just watched movie yesterday morning and I shut it off before I leave. When I came back at noon, the pc wouldn't post and stuck on red cpu led. I tried to remove the ram and it detected ...

ARR88 by Level 7
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