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TUF gaming B550-plus Resizable Bar disable (bios)

Hello,The resize bar doesn't work, there is a problem with bios who doesn't enable resize-bar, in the bios resize bar settings is "on" (right top corner). I don't know what to do to fix this?I posted all screenshot to explain problem (gpuz). My s...

Gundor by Level 7
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X570 VIII Formula - Sem Audio

I have an X570 VIII formula, I downloaded the audio drivers from the us website, the same ones installed normally, but no device manager appears, and if I hadn't installed the driver, when trying to install it through the device manager, the same blu...

Strix X470-F UEFI hang in q-fan

I've updated my BIOS to 6042, and had some issues configuring the fans I have hooked up to the "pump" connectors.I can't get them to run a silent profile that has them running as slow or as quiet as I could with previous versions. Trying to set a ma...

Allikat by Level 7
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X570 PRIME-P Startup Problem After Updated Bıos

I have 3600x, X570 Prime P, 2x8 Corsair Vengeance 3600 Mhz, Amd 6700xt and Corsair Rm750x. I have a startup problem after updating bios 4403. Recently I used bios 4204 with no issues. When I want to start the computer, the computer won't open and the...

What going on here..??

I have a ASUS crosshair VIII Hero (WIFI), AMD ryzen 9 5950x, 64GB..Iv updated to every BIOS with no problems, running ASUS Amory create, windows 11... no problems.. no blue screens of death...Ether people are doing something wrong or I'm just lucky.....

Boot F8 options

I have this MB and pressing F8 on boot, I get various options to boot from. Although it gives the CD drive option, I cannot find the USB boot option. Do I need to tweakany options please?

sujit60 by Level 7
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