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Aura LED won't turn off after BIOS update

Just updated my ROG Crosshair VIII Hero to the latest BIOS 4805 (posted today) and now my AURA LED on the motherboard won't completely turn off. Even if I have them set to completely off in the BIOS there's still a green glow to the "HERO" lettering....

Gelial by Level 8
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Crosshair viii Extreme problems

Where to start Lol.. 1. Is there anyway to increase the brightness of the m.2 LiveDash, I have been searching for ages.. 2. Thunderbolt drivers all loaded, top one at the rear works (but not correct speed). The top front panel connector not working, ...

Vialli by Level 8
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My PC Keeps Hard Freezing Randomly

I've been dealing with this frustrating issue where my PC randomly hard freezes since I first built it. It's driving me crazy because it happens out of the blue, sometimes right after I start it up. It's not like I'm running anything too demanding ei...

Resolved! My PC freezes every moment with ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING

Two things happen to me since I have this board, the first is that when I am in Windows my screen freezes and the image jumps from time to time. The other is that I do not have SSDs m2_1 and m2_2 in RAID, I have them in ANCHI, but easeus tells me its...

Need help pc not booting anything

I just upgraded my mother board and cpu (b550-f gaming wifi 2 and ryzen 5 5600x) on starting it everything lights up and turns on but there is no display that pops up the motherboard q-led lights up in a green, red, white sequence non stay solid colo...

white led vga problem

hello i have problem with my motherboard i have the asus rog strix b550-a gaming with 5700x and gtx1080 when i have the gtx1080 dont boot the white led vga and boot is green nothing on screen i update the bios when i have the gtx 970 it work fine sho...

ROG CROSSHAIR VIII HERO slow front usb 3

Ive got a ROG CROSSHAIRVIII HERO motherboard, and the front usb 3  are giving me slow speeds, whilst i get full speed on the rear io ports. even though im pretty sure when i first put together this system years ago i did get full speed on the front u...

TDuiker by Level 7
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Asus Prime A520M-K Motherboard USB stutter problem

Asus Prime A520M-K AM4 Motherboard has severe USB stutter problem. On-board USB headers which are directly connected to CPU are the only ones that works well but not the USB ports are at the back of the motherboard. Keyboard and Mouse freezes during ...