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Dram qvl

Hi,i am using this memory modules;G.SKILL RIPJAWS VF4-3200C16Q-32GVKDDR4-3200 PC4-256008192MB x 4CL16-16-16-36 1.35vand they are working fine. there is only one bad thing i cant run them at 3200 mhz because when i try to it starts a reboot loop.the F...


Hi together.My computer get often a bluescreen after start windows. Sometimes after 5 minutes. Sometimes few minutes after start.Bios settings are standard. No overclockI get often the error code memmory_menagementAnd sometimes error code faulty_hard...

Anything to speed POST?

So my system is working pretty well, except that the POST times are oddly long. As in approach 10 seconds of flashing qcodes before the splashscreen. Mind you this is not failed posts, but consistent between boots. It is faster if I reduce the amo...

FYI - New Chipset Driver Dated 3/9

-Chipset -AMD Chipset Driver V9.0.000.8 for Windows 10 64-bit. have not received my C6H yet, so I have no idea what it does, but maybe helps with the Windows Scheduler bug.

C6H Fan Control

I am a retired PC tech, who has been building systems for over 20 years.BUT, now it has now been over 7 years since last did a new build. This will be my first water cooling as well as my first use of any real software fan control.I am good for most...

Crosshair VI hero no boot no post

Hy everybody,Impossible to start My PC (Asus crosshair VI hero with r7 1700x) i have an error code 55 with the red led "CPU" . the manual say that 55 are a memory not recognized.I have 2x 8gb G.Skill RGB 3600. I have the same problem with 2x 8gb King...

nicduch by Level 9
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mATX board for Crossfire/SLI and AM4

Hi. I'm just wondering if Asus has any plans for a top tier mATX AM4 board? Something that can actually run SLI/Crossfire? There are currently 0 options for mATX and Crossfire/SLI.