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Non-Aura LED's toggle? HDD & CPU Ready

is there any way to disable the HDD and CPU_ready LED's on the motherboard? I find them really distracting and useless.In BIOS I've only seen ROG Effects toggle and AURA effects Off don't change it.As a suggestion ROG Effects should be named ASUS Aur...

1001-0038 Manual Fan Control Problem

Whenever i set cpu cooler's rpm from bios or fanexpert, it changing by itself and this really makes me crazy, i didn't have this problem on other bios versions. It's not stable 5 sec 1400rpm, 5 sec 1600rpm, 5 sec 1500 rpm always like this. Anyone has...

MeQira by Level 7
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Any plans for a Crosshair VI Formula/Extreme?

I really like the aesthetics and features of the M9F, and was wondering if Asus was going to make an AMD equivalent. I really like the integrated VRM waterblock and the ROG Armor is easy to spray paint for my white-themed build. Will there be C6F? If...

Caminon by Level 7
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Will there be new boards for Ryzen?

Hi allIt seems that MSI will release three new boards for Ryzen (X370 Krait gaming, B350 titanium and B350M titanium).Will asus also release any? I've been waiting for a while for a Crosshair Gene or any other m-atx board with the X370 chipset.Thanks...

Quickstarter Guide Crosshair VI Hero

Hi everybody ,i have seen that many poeple have problem with that Board when they first start it . So i have decided to write a small Guide.This guide listing the Steps that i have done when my Cpu and Board have arrived (only the Steps ).1. Downlo...

Exoplast by Level 7
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Q-code 07 after bios update 0902 PLEASE HELP

Hi there,After updating to the latest bios i constantly get q-code 07 so mij pc won't boot up.I am unable to go to the bios settings because of this Q-code error.I have cleared cmos with the button on the back of the motherboard, also i have removed ...

[BUG] BIOS won't remember to shut the leds off

The BIOS setting that allows you to shut down all the motherboard leds when the computer is powered off does not persist after reboots.The setting stays "OFF" but I need to change it back to "ON" - Restart - "OFF" - Restart - Shutdown to leave the le...

Error 55

I know there is a topic about this already but maybe i can get some help specific to my setup.CROSSHAIR VI HERO ATX w/ Ryzen 1800xCorsair Vengeance LED 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4-2666 MemoryHydro Series™ H60 High Performance Liquid CPU CoolerAsus GeForce G...

POST at DDR4-3500Mhz

Does this board have an issue posting with those settings?Seems like it tries to POST and goes 9F--->0d and need to reset 1 or 2 times to POST and load WIndows. Once it is loaded, the system is stable.The problem is just when POSTing (any latency, an...


Is the Aura software still a work in progress? Reason I'm asking my Trident RGB has only shown up once in the program then vanished, but the motherboard and gpus are showing everytime. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

Tom71 by Level 7
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