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Problem with the USB ports

Hey guys. I received my C6H last friday, and i finally got to complete my build yesterday.I turned it on, everything was working fine, went to the BIOS, didn't really change anything there, other than boot prio and flashing it to 0902. I started up W...

Ryzea by Level 7
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How much love do non-rog boards get.

I've owned rog products in past, but currently on x370 pro. Am noticing a number of things missing from bios options. Some really basic things in my opinion. First is there seems to be no ability to disable smt. Not something I would do long term, bu...

Eyetrip by Level 7
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Some findings after 30+ oc attempts

1. Apparently vdroop is common among all rog boards. So set LLC to 5 improves stability. Remember to lower your voltage for about 2 units (25mv x 2) because it will automatically give more volts when needed.2. If the system fails it doesn't always me...

Fan Xpert - Where is is?

Hi! I'm new here, and I just might be an idiot but can't seem to find Fan Xpert installer. When I install AI Suite it does not install. Is there any other way to get Fan Xpert? I download AI Suite from the driver page of the mb. Not that it is a hug...

DvD92 by Level 7
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