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Stability Issues With 3rd Party Backplates/Foam Pads

Most of my 08 and 0d Q-code issues seem to be from the HK back plate/foam pad.I did not get the AM4 BP and pad in my kit and I am using the AM3 back plate and pad.Instead of torquing down the nuts to the stop I torqued them just enough so that my tem...

kildar by Level 9
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Ryzen Reporting Temp

So i was using H60 liquid cooling because i need am4 bracket for my H105, bracket still not shipped.With the H60 i was getting temps at like 45-55 - which i thought is high for liquid cooling compared to my 9370.Figured the H60 was just not as a good...

Board not working with 64gb of ram

Hello, this is my second build, I'm by no means an expert.I bought these ram sticks G.Skill Ripjaws V 64GB DDR4-2133MhzBefore installing the OS the BIOS was already reading only 32Gb and the windows installation would freeze almost instantly.After re...

Leron by Level 7
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Q-Code 55

Asus tech support takes about 2-3 weeks for a response so hear I go. At default UEFI settings, on every BIOS up through 1001 that has been posted here. I getting error 55 on boot. Much less often, but still on random occasions (with default settings)...

m0nt3 by Level 7
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Board Not Booting

Hi,I had purchased new MB X370 Croshair VI with 1800X and Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB 2400 MHz RAM.No Bios screen on monitor.After powering up, the boot DRAM Led is on and Q Code flashes error 08/AD (RAM at different slots A1 A2 / B1 B2).Cooler :- AM...

Transcend SATA III 6Gb/s SSD370 Frozen State

Motherboard sdd transferred to the frozen state, security erase ssd from motherboard not working properly. Erase ssd from Parted Magic, Hiren's Boot CD 15.2, but as soon as I connect ssd to the motherboard put him in a frozen state. CROSSHAIR-VI-HERO...

Higher BIOS setup screen resolution?!

There is a lot of scrolling involved in the BIOS setup. Is the low resolution a limitation of the CH6/Asus or do all AMD systems only use such low resolutions for their BIOS setup?I am coming from a Z87 system that auto-detected my 2560px screen and ...