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Some findings after 30+ oc attempts

1. Apparently vdroop is common among all rog boards. So set LLC to 5 improves stability. Remember to lower your voltage for about 2 units (25mv x 2) because it will automatically give more volts when needed.2. If the system fails it doesn't always me...

Fan Xpert - Where is is?

Hi! I'm new here, and I just might be an idiot but can't seem to find Fan Xpert installer. When I install AI Suite it does not install. Is there any other way to get Fan Xpert? I download AI Suite from the driver page of the mb. Not that it is a hug...

DvD92 by Level 7
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Non-Aura LED's toggle? HDD & CPU Ready

is there any way to disable the HDD and CPU_ready LED's on the motherboard? I find them really distracting and useless.In BIOS I've only seen ROG Effects toggle and AURA effects Off don't change it.As a suggestion ROG Effects should be named ASUS Aur...

1001-0038 Manual Fan Control Problem

Whenever i set cpu cooler's rpm from bios or fanexpert, it changing by itself and this really makes me crazy, i didn't have this problem on other bios versions. It's not stable 5 sec 1400rpm, 5 sec 1600rpm, 5 sec 1500 rpm always like this. Anyone has...

MeQira by Level 7
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Any plans for a Crosshair VI Formula/Extreme?

I really like the aesthetics and features of the M9F, and was wondering if Asus was going to make an AMD equivalent. I really like the integrated VRM waterblock and the ROG Armor is easy to spray paint for my white-themed build. Will there be C6F? If...

Caminon by Level 7
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