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Ryzen 1800x denies to overclock

Hello ppl ,Just bought my 1800x and I tried to overclock it to 4 Ghz with up to 1.417 volts but when I try to benchmark it , it just resets with error code 8.Can anyone help me with this ?Thank in advance Στάλθηκε από το SM-G935F μου χρησιμοποιώντας ...

injen1 by Level 7
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Experiencing Boot loop with beta bios

Hi all,I just taken ownership of a new Crosshair Hero Six (coming from an MSI Gaming Pro Carbon). I've successfully updated the bios version to 1201 and was encouraged to try the beta 9943 for dual slots (2x16GB 3200Mhz Corsair Platinum sticks).Howe...

FredSAS by Level 7
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not getting new bios

ok so i've been trying to get the new bios 9943. i download it, move it to my flash drive, extract it so i've got 1 cap file. i go into my bios and can't find it anywhere. i've gotten 1107? in the past where i had todo this the same way, because you ...

is a corsair h80 safe to use

I talked to Corsair tech to find out if my old h80, not i is safe to use with this board and the 1800x CPU he asked me what socket I using I said AM4 he said that's the bracket, not the socket i told him to look it up he sent me a google link to a bu...

Q-Code 40

Ryzen 7 1800xAsus Crosshair VI heroBios 1201Every time I boot up I get a Q-Code 40, I have noticed that when going into the bios and then exiting I will boot up with a Q-Code of 24. I'm not booting up from a sleep or anything like that, but I am conn...

lildorf by Level 7
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Sanity Check Boot Failures

Let me preface with this, my Ryzen 1700 and Asus Crosshair VI is the second system I have ever overclocked and the first that required me to configure anything special. My old 4790k was a one button OC in the BIOS and no real fuss past that.Following...

Weird RAM Timings

I have 4 sticks of Corsair Vengeance LED CMU16GX4M2C3200C16 with a total of 32Gb RAMRAM is now runnıng at 2880MHz (confirmed with AIDA, CPUz, Bios, etc.) with Bios settings (9945);DOCP set to 4BCLK Frequency=120.000Memory rating set to 2880MHz (actua...

sphinx64 by Level 7
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Anyone RMA for Aura?

I know many people are having an issue with their Aura RGB lights on the board not working. However I am not convinced this is just a software issue. After a bit of back and forth with ASUS customer service they decided the board should be RMA'ed....

Chadd74 by Level 7
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