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RAM Compatibility with C6H

Hi everyone, I'm interested in knowing if someone has this kit from Corsair ( CMD16GX4M4B3000C15 ) running on the Crosshair VI Hero.It's the RAM that I already have, and i'm planning to reuse it on my new Ryzen build (C6H and R5 1600/X). I know that ...

Green and Amber Qleds come on

Hi all. Installing my new cooler and when I go to boot the QLED Green and Amber lights come on and stay on. The CPU Ready light is also on and green. However my my mobo USBs don't work so I can't get into boot menu when the computer asks me to press ...

CH6 1700 Overclock Question

Hello one and all I'm just posting real quick (work in a mo) as a peeps whose just built a new system withCH6 1700 non x16GB ramand i'm currently running 3.8ghz on all cores at 1.350 (think I can drop the voltage some more or push higher on clock spe...

Aura V1.04.42

Updated Aura is up on the support page: crossed for those having problems.

Big_Gray by Level 8
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Q Code 47 Crashing and Post Issues

Hi!Im having som major issues with my Ryzen build, specs below. It worked fine for about a week before I started experience problems but now I can't have it on for more than 15-20 minutes before it either freezes or becomes completely unresponsive, a...

Ai Suite for overclocking?

I have been using the 5-way optimization to overclock my Ryzen 1800x to 4040 mhz. Is the software the most efficient way to overclock? Also atm, I cant seem to install AMD Master software. I read somewhere to be able to install It, I must reinstall ...

Sfoda by Level 7
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Samsung SSD 960 EVO 250GB Speeds

Hi there,I'm using the samsung Magician software to benchmark my m2 ssd.I have gotten the follow test results (benchmarked 2 times one on 0920 other on 1002 bios)The results are as follow:0920Sequential (MB\s) RandomRe...