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PCI-E negotiating issue

This is not an issue anymore for me per say, but it would be good for other people to know.I had an issue with the former BIOSes negotiating my GPU to the x8 speeds (only card using the PCI-E ports) which I was able to very from within the BIOS, howe...

Dazdigo by Level 7
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M2 cold boot time

Hi there just wanted to know what the average cold boot up time whit a M2 ssd.I use the 960 Evo (250gb) of samsung.and have a avarage cool boot up time (from pc speaker sound/bleep till desktop screen appears) of 20 seconds.Just want to know if this ...

Q: IDLE CPU temperautes jumps

Hello guys,I need help and any input will be greatly appreciated I bought Crosshair VI Hero (1107) and Ryzen 1700x and there is strange temperatures jumps in idle (no matter the clock speed - default, under or oveclocked). This might be a wrong senso...

zaiobaio by Level 7
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Bios 1201

Anyone tried it ?And does anyone got a specific list of changes made instead "improved stability" ?

Boot device selection

Hi, I occasionally need to boot from USB or CD and wondering if there is a shortcut to select quickly select a boot device (like F8 on my old P5Q Pro) instead of entering a BIOS, navigating to boot devices, set priorities and "Save and Reset"

Doom3r by Level 7
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Optane memmory support

Hi there,I wanted to know if the motherboard supports optane memory.I want to put the Optane memory in a Pci slot, the m2 slot is already taken by a M2 ssd, and i would like to know if the Optane memory works while put in a pci slot.And is there anyo...

C6H USB 3.1 ports not working

I purchased my C6H on launch day, and I found that the USB 3.1 ports were non-functional. The controller isn't recognized by the system (When I tried to install the 3.1 drivers, I was told that the system didn't have the controller and the setup abor...

Temps , again

HiThis is getting bad , i go away from the pc for 2 mins , come back and find all my aura red , cpu aio fans stopped and these temps being reported . Thought it may have been aida , so ran Ryzen master and that looks normal .So off with q fan contro...

Chipz by Level 7
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OC Panel II Availability

The C6H has a ROG extension (ROG_EXT) header. I'd like to get an OC Panel II to be able to utilize it. I don't see where it is available, is there a way to order it?

Celty2 by Level 7
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