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Crosshair VI RYZEN 1700X Temp Problems

My motherboard originally had bios version 0704 and my CPU temps stayed around 38C and when playing a game would go to about 42C. Now after updating to a newer bios my CPU temps are all over the place. When I do not touch my computer the temp will no...

Strange FPS drop Probleme.

Hey guys,I've got a strange FPS drop problem.Sometimes I play games like BF1, Witcher 3... the fps will drop significantly for less than a second.. I can fix the problem by booting into the bios (uefi) and just exit without saving. My Rig:AMD Ryzen 7...

Memory setup and what to change.

Been at this most of the weekend, pretty sad I know. But I look very stable now with memory running at full speed. This is how it looks through various programmes. I did a lot of reading up on abbreviations and such to verify what values I was adding...

syldon by Level 9
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Noob Question regarding ram

I have G. Skill Trident Z 16 GB 3200 Rgb ram, but can't get it to run higher than 2133 at 1.350 v. I had the ram before I built my ryzen system and decided just to re use it. Do I need to apply more voltage and is it safe or should I just wait for ne...

Q code 8 with Flashing yellow LED while gaming

I'm really hoping someone can help. But first, my specs.Ryzen 7 1700 @ stock with it's bundled cooler32GB Corsair Vengance 4X8GB 2133MHz (CMK32GX4M4A2133C13) running D.O.C.P 1 Profile - No other changes in UEFI besides fan curvesOf course a C6H MB ru...

RAM Compatibility with C6H

Hi everyone, I'm interested in knowing if someone has this kit from Corsair ( CMD16GX4M4B3000C15 ) running on the Crosshair VI Hero.It's the RAM that I already have, and i'm planning to reuse it on my new Ryzen build (C6H and R5 1600/X). I know that ...

Green and Amber Qleds come on

Hi all. Installing my new cooler and when I go to boot the QLED Green and Amber lights come on and stay on. The CPU Ready light is also on and green. However my my mobo USBs don't work so I can't get into boot menu when the computer asks me to press ...