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C6H Usb mobile phone Charging is not great at all

I feel this board is full of issues that asus need to get fixed. Really got to say wont be buying another asusWhen charging my phone on the Crosshair 6 Hero, it takes about double the time to charge my phone than my previous Crosshair 5 Formula Z.I ...

Boscar by Level 7
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Hero VI destroys 2 sets of ram in 4 months!!

So after 2 months runing my hyperx savage 2x8gb 2 sticks become usable so i went to my computer shop for replacement.And yesterday my PC wont boot and i get code 3b, tried all things from reflashing bios pulling battery and all other things but with...

Possible unstable OC?

I'm experiencing a weird problem. Every 3-5 boots, my BIOS fails to POST with my current OC settings and will reset to optimized defaults. I believe the settings to be stable as I've stress tested both the RAM and the CPU, so what could be causing th...

iorv3th by Level 7
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Ram for ROG HERO CH6

Hi All, i have this board on order but just realized the RAM i ordered are not in the support list, will it still work? The title mention Ram for AMD? But G.Skill website do show ROG under the ram QVL. ThanksG.Skill 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 Flare X C15 240...

Webcam power issues?

Hey guys. I know this is a bit random, but it seems that I'm having issues with my webcam(s) staying on. It always randomly powers off. I'm starting to stream and would like to be able to use my camera. Forgot to add, I also tried with OBS/Xsplit and...

Tr4nce by Level 7
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