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C7H Auto shutdown

I have NO idea what is going on. My newly built ryzen platform 2700x, c7h will automagically shut down during extended idle. It won't be able to power up by using the power button.. My razer mouse still have led.. Mobo start button have led.. No q co...

Crosshair vi Extreme no monitor in bios

hey not sure if anyone else has been having and issue with this. after my initial install and bios setup, anytime i reboot to make a tweak in my bios my monitors wont turn on until the windows 10 login screen is there. i can see by the qcode that its...

XFR2 and Precision Boost 2 / 2700X on Crosshair VI (6) Hero

Hi all,quick question:I am interested in running a Ryzen 2700X on a Crosshair VI (6) Hero. Does the board and BIOS actually support XFR2 and Precision Boost 2?Will the processor boost by itself to the 4.35 GHz as advertised?Thanks for the answers.Reg...

Gutgolf by Level 7
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EZ-Flash not working

Hi,I have the Crosshair VII Hero mobo and I am trying to flash the BIOS. I made sure my USB is in FAT32 format and placed the cap file in it. When I go to load the file in EZ Flash, it tells me that it isn't a proper BIOS. I am at a loss and I can't ...

anagram by Level 7
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Crosshair VII Hero and Aura Issues

Hi!I just build a new PC with the Crosshair VII Hero and Ryzen 7 2700x. So far it´s running fine, smooth and with no important issues.But i wanted to use Asus Aura Software to configurate the Mainboard LED´s, RAM (TridentZ RGB), and two LED Strips.Fi...

BlaXXuN by Level 7
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Ryzen 2700X + Crosshair VII Hero and some RAM issues.

Hey guys,Since last Friday I'm a proud owner of both the Ryzen 2700X cpu and a Crosshair VII Hero mainboard. Everything runs quiet and smooth with one exception:My ram won't work with more than 2133 MHz.I'm using this RAM: G.skill F4-3200C16D-32GVK w...

Cloud007 by Level 7
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Asus Crosshair VII Hero - ATX power connectors

Hi guys,I need an advice regarding the ATX power connectors. I have a Seasonic X660 psu and I do not know how to connect the 4pin ATX because I don't have such power connector. So do I really, really need the 4 pin power connector ? Thanks.PS: I have...

Rares by Level 7
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