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temprature Cpu Bios 3008

I know that there was "bug" with cpu temprature reading with ryzen CPU's.Today i went back to bios 3008 and noticed that my CPU temprature jumps all over the place.With 1701 on idle my cpu temp was somewheren between 28 and 38 celcius.With 3008 it sh...

Old drivers

When i compare the drivers between and for example intel there are differents. New Intel LAN drivers are aviable but asus offers the oldest. I have a problem with the Sound. my C6H is connectet to my Harman Cadon AVR 270 via S/PDIF but i dont...

Setting up Corsair CMU16GX4M2C3200C16R

I have set up Corsair CMU16GX4M2C3200C16R memory in Crosshair VI Extreme BIOS as following:Memory Frequency: DDR4-3200 MHzVoltage: 1,35VDRAM Boot: 1,35VtCL: 16tRCD: 18tRP: 18tRAS: 36tRC: 54tRRD_S: 6tRRD_L: 9tFAW: 36but when I restart and boot into Wi...

dusank by Level 7
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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update AURA

I recently updated to 16299.15 Fall Creators Update and I can't install properly Asus Aura, it says AsIO not found. It installs the software but GSKILL and Motherboard led options are not there. Only my Asus Strix 1080ti.What can I do to solve this p...

toxzl2 by Level 7
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Motherboard RGB LEDs no longer light up

After finally getting everything setup for my new desktop the motherboard lights all went out. I'm referring to the aesthetic RGB lighting on the board. I've toyed with all of the setting sin the BIOS related to this (there are 2 I believe) and I can...

Xeekk by Level 7
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Qcode 0d Error with 3008 bios

Hİ, When I run rams at 2933 MHz, I did not get 0d error with 0020 bios. I installed 3008 bios, Sometimes it started to give a 0d error. If the rams run at 2800 MHz, the problem is gone. 0020 bios version no problem, Why did the problem with the 3008 ...

How to check XFR is enable

Hi there,Just wanted to know how i could check that XFR is enabled ?I know XRF will disable it self when you overclock, thus far i have only set Ram timings + ram freq + Disabeld gear down mode.As far i know this should not disable XFR, and no wheren...

Crosshair VI Hero WiFi no POST

Right, so, the short version of my problem. Last Thursday everything was going fine until I got a BSOD and an instant restart, and my computer wouldn't POST. Q code 90, VGA light lit. RMAd board to ASUS, but I couldn't wait so I bought a brand new bo...