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Fixed cold bug issues

Hello guys.They are my prints of Bios config, Adjust CPU percentage value fix problem of cold bug with bios 1602My memory is F4-3200C16D-16GTBZ with chips Hynix MFR and timing 16-18-18-18-38 at 3200mhz and i can run at 3333 16-16-16-16-36 without pr...

CanalPC by Level 7
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Overclocking a Ryzen 7 with Coreboost & XFR @ 4Ghz

I have an Ryzen 7 1800x and have been overclocking to various overclocks for a couple months and been testing them. I've used P-States for overclocking my Ryzen but having to use Voltage offset to raise voltages just cooks the processor when doing a ...

Front panel not working

Hey, is there any fix for the completley screwed up sonic studio, or whatever else is the cause of not at all or randomly not seeing the front panel audio output? I'm really starting to regret buying this board because of this. Switching between spea...

vizor by Level 7
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Performace Bias option in BIOS

I have found that Performance Bias option in BIOS gives some real performance boost, not just in benchmarks.It seems to somehow lower the latency in L2 & L3 cache, see picture. And it is real, for example WinRAR get boost up to 2-3% in performance, a...

Sigtran by Level 10
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No more PUBG crashes with ram OC

For as long as I have played PUBG I have never been able to game with an overclocked ram frequency or even super tight timings.But I have finally worked out what was causing the crashes.In the UEFI Bios screen, go to the part where you adjust LLC and...

Ross350 by Level 7
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Crosshair VI Extreme UEFI update thread?

Latest BIOS is 1701 WIn 10 x64 links belowVersion 17012017/10/035.71 MBytesROG CROSSHAIR VI EXTREME BIOS 1701Improve system stability.DOWNLOADVersion 16022017/09/265.75 MBytesROG CROSSHAIR VI EXTREME BIOS 1602Modify memtest solutionDOWNLOADVersion 04...

SaLSouL by Level 9
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