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C7H Wifi sudden power off in game

My new system, built from all new parts, will suddenly power off when in the Ghost Recon Wildlands game menu or when running the benchmark on the Options->Graphics menu.MB: Crosshair VII Hero WifiCPU: AMD 2700XCooler: Noctua NH-D15SMemory: G.Skil...

Azrak by Level 7
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SenseMI Skew 1700 non X

I have ryzen 1700 non X, overclocked all cores.BIOS: 1701So should this thing be enabled and on 272 offset, or disabled.I read some forums they say it has to be enabled and offset 272.True or false?Cuz i got OCCT bench 10min max temp 52C on AIO coole...

Thermal Shutdown or what? 1700x Croshair VI

Hey guys, need some help overhere.First problem is that my CPU is on AIO and idles around 40 sometimes jumps outanowhere to 55CPU is 1.35v and 3.8Ghz. On load gets to 69, and when hits 70, PC usually just shutsdown wihtout BlueScreen

Ryzen 3 1300x to Ryzen 5 2600/2600x

Quick question, will I notice the difference when upgrading from 1300x to 2600/2600x? I don’t do video editing, just gaming at 1080p with 1060 6GB and browsing the net. Any suggestions would be appreciated.. Thanks

BIOS 6201 Great - AISuite3 Total failure

The BIOS is the best one so far for my board, straight from boot 4x8GB DDR4 SK Hynix trident rgb CL 16 working at 3200 1t. 1st time since the board was launched back in July last year. great Job @elmor and co..Now all that needs to be fixed is AI sui...

SaLSouL by Level 10
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