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Asus rog strix x370 f gaming -problems- Help needed

Hello. I bought my new mb Asus rog strix x370 f gaming a few weeks ago brand new. I installed win 10 64 bit, mb cd with the drivers and utilities. After that I installed the updates from my products page (asus official page). As I have see the asus p...

Roggr by Level 7
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Z490 Coming in June with better connectivity!

It is shown in a leaked slide from a German company: a heads up for anyone who hasn't bought the Hero yet.

danjw by Level 10
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High / jumpy temps on 2700X + C7H

Are these temps and temp variability normal? Idle is no less than 35C, jumping to 45C almost instantaneously every few seconds, sometimes even 50-55C with minimal load. I'm using linux and the "on demand" cpu frequency scaler often underclocks automa...

gorpo by Level 7
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Crashy UEFI BIOS(es) on Crosshair VII

It's maddening. Sometimes upon entering BIOS it is laggy. The mouse/keyboard take a while to move or change selections. And then it keeps getting laggier and slower until it totally freezes! The clock doesn't update the time for more than 15 minutes,...

gorpo by Level 7
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C7H uefi bios is crap...

I have just moved back to asus and amd from gigabyte/intel. Is it what I expect to have with a hi-end mobo? The bios is crap, slow boot time, laggy, not stable... I have to clear cmos to enter windows, a dozen times a day.

Crosshair VII WIFI - Keyboard bios issues

Hello,I recently purchased a crosshair VII for my r5 2600x and to my dismay my keyboard isn't supported.The keyboard I am trying to use is Gamdias Hermes Ultimate and despite of hiting del, it simply wont let me get into bios and even when I use an...