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Crosshair VI Hero CPU Temperature Error

Hi, my motherboard is displaying very odd CPU temps. Even in the bios the CPU temps are much too low, -4 to 6 degrees centigrade. It's the same in Windows using CoreTemp or AI Suite 3.The system is only watercooled so these temp are wrong.I've update...

mr_yogi by Level 7
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Prime X370-Pro No boot/post or beeps

At my wit's end here. Thought I would give AMD a try after almost 20 years and splurged on a new Ryzen build. Put everything together, hit the power button, no dice. Fans spin, pretty LEDs on the mobo light up; no video, no beeps, nothing. How I got ...

timmahw by Level 7
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CH7 2203 Corsair AIO not detected

I am still having issues with any BIOS release date for the CH7 Wifi past 1002. Every time I have attempted to update to a later version, my Corsair H150I stops being detected by either USB device viewer or ICUE. I have swapped USB ports on the Comma...

Crosshair VII internal USB 2.0 / USB_15 -problem

Hi,i have a minor problem with my C7H-board. The internal USB_15 (the part of the ROG-extender) doesn't seem to work properly. If i connect t to an AiO-USB-cable, then windows 10 doesn't recognize the AiO-cooler (the other USB-connector does). If I ...

Error code AE Qled white (vga)

Evening all, i'm kinda stuck atm.Trying to get a pc up and going, but it wont boot at all, no post on monitor at all! after a min or two the error code stops at AE, and the Qled is white.I have tryed with two different gpu that both work in another p...

Crosshair VII random codes problem

HI guys,So i have 2 systems with crosshair vii Specs:2700xCH732Gig gskill kitH110iRTX20703x fansRMX1000mx500 m.2Now the issue is one system works fine no issues at all.The problem child is the other system, which refues to boot up due to idiotic b4/b...

Help! Need Chipset Drivers for ROG Strix X470F - 18.50.16

Hello! I am building a new system, and need help finding the correct chipset drivers. New system will be as follows:Asus ROG Strix X470FAMD Ryzen 5 2600X16 gig Patriot DDR4 3000 RAMMSI GTX1060Windows 10 ProI found the latest drivers for almost everyt...

87_442 by Level 7
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X470-I: Unable to enable SVM Mode after BIOS Upgrade to 2008

After upgrading my STRIX X470-I Motherboard BIOS to version 2008, I am unable to save some settings.In particular, I am unable to set the SVM Mode to "enable".After I set the value in the BIOS and restart, the value gets reset to "disabled".Other val...

nico35 by Level 7
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