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CH VII Updated BIOS to 2304 - No Wake Up from Sleep

W10 prior to update woke from sleep in seconds. Current situation on wake up is immediate hdd activity and monitor wakes BUT no screen display - black screen with LED backlight on i.e monitor is receiving a wake up signal.Any suggestions as to BIOS s...

Peter_k by Level 8
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CH7 W_PUMP+ controls lost

After updating to the latest uefi/bios (0702) I can no longer change the speed on the W_PUMP+ header like I can with all the other fan headers. I have the options for PWM mode, DC mode, or disable (I think there's one other option in there but I can'...

Cant OC anymore after update to BIOS 2008 CH VII

Hi there, Please help My system was great until I just updated to BIOS 2008.I did install the latest chipset drivers from the Asus site.After the BIOS flash I went back and setup my DRAM settings etc. And enabled Level 2 in the performance enhancer.I...

M.2 NVME SSD running in x1 sometimes

Got my 1st M.2 NVME SSD, an Adata SX7000 512GB.Sometimes when I power on my computer, it'll be in X1 mode. I noticed this when running Crystal Disk Mark, it got less than 800MB/s seq read speeds. Rebooting usually fixes this (sometimes 2 reboots ar...

shilent by Level 7
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FlareX 3200-14 Memory OC'ing

When I increase the FlareX 3200-14 (2X8GB) beyond 3333 the system actually runs a little slower! I am running the 2700X @ 4.0 GHz and using Handbrake to convert a Blu-Ray movie to MP4 as my test case. I have tried 3200 XMP Defaults, 3333 Stilt, an...

Ken429 by Level 7
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Crosshair VII HERO (WI-FI) -- MB 9 pin USB15 not working

Added Corsair LL120 - 3 fan kit with lighting node pro.Plugged lighting node pro into USB15 (see pg 1-2 in crosshair vii user guide)Lighting Node Pro did not show up in Corsair Icue software.**Already had Corsair H115i AIO plugged in and working in U...

cjcjcj by Level 7
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CH7 Hero WI-FI M2 Disk running at x2 after upadte 2203

Hey,My problem started after flash BIOS to 2203 version. I can't set my M2 Disk Samsung SSD 970 EVO to work at x4 speed. Samsung Magician and AIDA64 shows it run at x2. Of course, i tested performance for this disk and i have exactly half performance...

F9 after updating BIOS 2103 and 2203?

Why am I getting the F9 Q-Code after updating the BIOS version 2103 and 2203. The system hangs with the F9 code. I have to power down and reboot and then all is well. I don't remember getting this code in the past when doing BIOS updates. Am I d...

Ken429 by Level 7
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Cold Boot Problems

Hey Everyone! First post here, so please let me know if I'm not providing enough information.The main problem is consistency. I have overclocked my CPU to 3.8 across all 8 cores and am running my ram at 3200mhz. I've run Prime Torture test for quite...