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Official CH7 Audio driver is hda not uad?

Just saw the update today that the audio driver for our board is still HDA and not UAD, I was wondering why is that? Is our audio solution old technology on our boards? Currently I am running the UAD driver I got on the forum due to SS3 used in the H...

Samsun 860 Pro nVme ora 870 EVO nVme?

Sorry for the strange request, but I've read somewhere there is some trouble with Samsung 860 Pro nVme SDD's… anyone kwnos if the newer 970 EVO has the same issues?I'ma asking because I have a 860 PRO nVme and every BIOS release I stil have cold boot...

Baio73 by Level 8
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C6H, split PCI-E lanes more specifically

GooddayI have a Crosshair VI Hero and a Ryzen 7 1700. Additionally I use a RTX 2080 Ti and for video encoding a GTX 970, along a M.2 SSD (Samsung 950 Evo).In total there are 24 PCI-E lanes available, but it splits them like this:x8 for RTX 2080 Tix8 ...

q code 24 and OS cannot start

Help please. I was trying to install or boot from usb OS on asus rog crosshair hero vii , ryzen 2700x some hyperx RAM. After i choose try os without installing or install os from the menu i get black screen, and code is 24. video attachhttps://youtu....

namlier by Level 7
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Buzzing sound randomly

So Im not sure where to begin with this.Built a mostly brand new computer. Previously was on a computer that's core was 10+ years.New computer specs:Ryzen 2700xROG Crosshair Hero 7GTX 1080ti (used)old WD 1TB HDD (extra storage)Portable Seagate 1TB HD...

CH VI HERO unstable temp readings

i have no idea if this is normal or notmy setup is CH6 hero wifi, ryzen 5 2600x, 16 gb (2x8) corsair vengeance 3200 lpxthe temp readings i am getting are pretty stupid. if i run a stress test on the cpu @4.1-4.2 OC AI Suite goes up pretty fast to 78-...

Calin by Level 7
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Asus ROG Crosshair Hero VI Ram issues and bios

Hey everyone, i've been using this board for a few months now, only to notice the bios and windows is only reading 8gb out of 16gb, i've swapped the rams sticks around and they only read 8 out of 16, tried my ram in another pc and they show up 16gb.n...

r0k0 by Level 7
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