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problem code 00

I have a problem with the motherboard Asus ROG X470 hero 2 when I turn off the pc then show me code 00 does not stop the operation, although the motherboard is new and replaced by the same motherboard, but it shows me the same problem I installed t...

D7m159 by Level 7
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Think i've found one of the issue of Aura RGB!!

Hello Asus people,I've checked almost every RGB thread that could cause issue with the Aura sync software, but now with my last attempt to fixing the problem i've noticed that when i unplugged my ROG-SLI-HB-BRIDGE from the RGB connector on my ASUS C6...

E33et by Level 7
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Crosshair VI Type-C Samsung devices fail

HardwareMotherboard: Crosshair VI BIOS: Latest stable versionGFX: GTX 980CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Eight-Core x64Windows: Windows 10 Pro updated to latest stable.This is a strange issue. However seems to be repeatable as my a friend has the same mother...

Sudden audio issues with Hero VII Mobo

I woke up yesterday and I had no audio to my speakers...Also, none of the options/EQ/Settings work with sonic studio..I do get sound if I switch to AC97, but not from the HD Audio front panel I had been using. Computer doesn't recognize when I've plu...

Vanteal by Level 7
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CROSSHAIR VII & ram problem.

Hi have a problem for setting my gskill 3600 at 3600 or 3200 mhz.I search online & i try more setting, but I think I'm wrong.My cpu it's ryzen 2700x not overclock.I want only the ram go at 3200 or 3600.Thanks

Corsair problems persist on CH7WIFI 2203

Yep, I'm running the latest iCUE software, yes I've tried powering off my computer and unplugging it, yes I've tried reinstalling the software. This has been a problem on all BIOS later than 1002. If it was going to be fixed it would have been fi...

Corsair AIO coolers on X570 boards

Hi,Myself and others have had issues getting Corsair AIO coolers to work with X470 CH7 (not detected since BIOS V1002). I wanted to know if Asus had any comments on if this issue would also happen on the X570 CH8 MB, or if I should just buy the equiv...

Hero VII Pstate Oc/ing issues

Trying to post a copy from notepad. All I get is an Access Denied message and the forum goes away? What am I doing that it don't like? Thanks in advance. Twenty plus views and no guidance! I'll try attaching the Notepad document ans see if that ...

Ken429 by Level 7
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