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BIOS Flashback not working

A couple BIOS updates ago, BIOS Flashback stopped working on my Crosshair VIII Dark Hero X570.  No matter how many times I try pressing the Flashback button for 3 seconds soon after shutdown, the light flashes at first then stops flashing a couple se...

coyote2 by Level 7
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I have a used Tuf gaming x570-plus that is bios locked

I already tried resetting the cmos by jumping it and even taking out the cmos battery and leaving it out for a week and the bios still locked. Yall got any ideas?ps. When I took out the cmos battery, and left it out for a week, all the cables was unp...

Rica51 by Level 7
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OC Crossair VII + 2700X

Help Here.Due my recent problems with a 5700XT, i update bios and lost my previous settings on OC my CPU.Usually i have my 2700X at 4100Mhz stable and RAM at 3400.Now my problem: every-time i put 41 on multiplier, the core locks always at 4100MHZ Wha...

Mordorr by Level 8
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I need help (thunderbolt EX4 to b650e-f gaming wifi)

hello i need help im using asus rog b650e-f gaming wifi I bought the product below to add Thunderbolt. ASUS ThunderboltEX 4Of course, I checked the compatibility on the homepage andbought it, but my PC can't  recognize Thunderbolt.I tried all the dri...

june_1-1679573589246.png june_0-1679573527408.png june_2-1679573636426.png
june by Level 7
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Strix B550-F Gaming (WiFi) TPM header?

Does anyone know what the unlabeled 10-pin header is next to the BIOS chip and the CHA_Fan1 and AIO_Pump headers? Looking at other boards, it seems to be a TPM header, but missing 4 pins. I wonder if the solder joints are in the motherboard and ASUS ...