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Windows 10 1809 Asus driver issues

I just got Windows 10 1809 via auto update and a few issues happened.First up I'm missing the Sonic Studio and volume icon from Asus in the system tray( yes its set to show all icons). When I try to start Sonic Studio it says "The Software cannot be ...

srsbsns by Level 9
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CH7 + 2700X Overclocking

Today i try (again) OC this board/Cpu...My system:2700X watercooledCrossaihero VII + Seasonic 6208+8 Flarex from GskillI had almost everything on Auto except memory to 3200 manually...Try put this at 4300....errorsRead stick post, change about 50 par...

Mordorr by Level 8
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Asus Rog Crosshair vii wifi - Qcode 8 error

Hi, I build the PC with Crosshair vii wifi and Amd ryzen 7 2700x. It was running fine but then all of sudden one day, i get qcode 8 error. When I start my pc up, it's in a loop of qcode - 15 -> 67 -> 22 -> 3b -> 4f and then after 5 minutes or so it s...

Crosshair VII hero Wifi will not post

OK guys, I need some help, I have search the forum and the net and I have had no luck at finding anything pointing me in the correct direction.My current new build set up is " this after returning parts I thought was broken"Asus Crosshair VII Hero ...

CPU vs Water Pump Headers on C7H

Question for you guys: I've got the ASUS C7H Mobo. I've got a closed water loop so no CPU fan. Right now my Pump is plugged into the CPU header, but two things: 1. AI Suite doesn't seem to allow me to regulate it and 2. Setting the speeds in BIOS doe...

Sedare by Level 8
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Crosshair 7 Hero + Corsair iCUE RGB Products Bug

After a fair bit of testing I can confirm that the latest 1103 bios for the Crosshair VII Hero WiFi does indeed stop Corsairs iCUE software from working properly especially with Corsairs Vengeance Pro RGB memory and newly released light enhancement k...

New Computer Build

I have recently been trying to upgrade my existing FX8350 PC initially using the following itemsASUS Prime X470-ProAMD 2700X CPUASUS Strix Vega 64 graphics cardG Skill 32GB kit P/N F4-3200C 16Q-32GTZRXSamsung 970 EVO M2 1TB driveI could not get the A...

Othello by Level 7
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